Delta Pharma Banned from Making & Distributing Drugs

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RIPLEY, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Delta compounding pharmacy has been banned from making and distributing drugs on the order of a U.S. District Court judge. Delta Pharma of Ripley, its president, Dr. Tommy Simpson, and its vice president and pharmacist in charge, Charles Michael Harrison cannot resume manufacturing, holding and distributing such drugs until the Food and Drug Administration notifies them in writing that they appear to be in compliance with specific remedial measures. The FDA’s complaint and request for an injunction said that during an inspection last year investigators found numerous unsanitary conditions including the use of 50-foot-long tubing to process purportedly sterile drugs, without determining whether the procedures for sterilizing the tubing were effective or assessing the tubing’s compatibility with the drug products to ensure chemicals or particulates from the tubing didn’t contaminate the drug products.



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  1. Regarding your story, “Delta Pharma Banned from Making & Distributing Drugs”, the first sentence states, A Delta compounding pharmacy…”. The pharmacy is in Ripley, which is located in NE MS, not the Delta.

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