Deep Roots Music, Celebrating And Promoting Delta Roots Music Has Launched

From The Cleveland Chamber Facebook Page:

“Deep Roots Music has launched!!!
The site will offer news feature on area musicians, along with posts related to the music and entertainment industry for the benefit of emerging and “weekend warrior” songwriters, musicians, and performers.
By signing up for the Deep Roots mailing list, visitors to the site will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive curated playlist featuring Delta roots musicians.
Big Front Porch Productions is headed by award-winning singer/songwriter, Tricia Walker, who said, “The mission of Deep Roots is to build community through the development and promotion of local roots music and musicians.
Cleveland mayor, Billy Nowell, said, “This Deep Roots music project will fit in well with all of Cleveland’s arts, historic, and cultural attractions, and it will help highlight the community’s identity as “Mississippi’s Music City” as we prepare to host the 2021 Music Cities Tourism Conference.”
(Bolivar Bullet)

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