Death Of the Delta Paperboys

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THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — This week marks the official death of the paperboys across much of the Delta as a number of hometown Mississippi newspapers shift delivery to the U.S. Postal Service. Greenville’s Delta-Democrat Times, the Enterprise-Journal in McComb, and the Greenwood Commonwealth among others owned by Jackson based Emmerich Newspapers announced the decision in early June, after having eliminated Monday editions of their newspapers entirely a few weeks earlier. As part of the changes, there will no longer be a Sunday newspaper. News delivered to subscribers mailboxes Tuesday morning will include all happenings from the Friday night printing through Monday. The company cited increasing costs, declining revenues, and competition from web-based news services and social media for making the change, while also claiming that the move to modernize a 17th-century service using 18th-century delivery methods for the 21st century would result in better service for readers. The very first newspaper, the London Gazette published its first edition 353 years ago in 1666. The U.S. Postal service debuted about 100 years later in 1776.



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