Could Mississippi Cares Program Cure Greenwood Hospital?

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — Administrators Greenwood’s financially troubled hospital say they think Governor Phil Bryant’s “Mississippi Cares” initiatives may help cure their red-ink problems. The proposal would function like an expansion in Medicaid coverage except that hospitals would cover the costs of the program which otherwise would be paid for by the state. Many hospitals who treat uninsured patients who walk through the door are never paid for their services. Bryant’s plan would provide insurance to 300,000 Mississippians for a small monthly fee of around $20 per month, plus a $100 co-pay of they visit an emergency room. Hospitals would pay a lump sum of money to the state for the insurance coverage, but then would then be able to receive payment for the services they provide that are now not being recovered. The Greenwood Leflore Hospital has not studied the proposal in depth but believes as their finances are slowly improving, the proposal might just finally be enough to move the hospital permanently into the black.


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