Coroner’s Case Not Completely Dead Yet

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BOYLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — On February 20th the Mississippi Highway Patrol arrested James Murray Roark of Boyle. He was initially stopped for speeding – going 95mph in a 65mph zone. The stop escalated into an argument and Roark was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Unlawful Threatening of an Officer. The incident happened on Highway 61 near Merigold. Bond was set at five thousand dollars and a court date was April 6. The initial court date was canceled however and despite requests for information from Delta Daily News the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation which was investigating could provide no further details. The case currently is in the hands of the Mississippi Attorney General. When contacted Jame’s Hood’s office declined to comment or provide any further details of the investigation and charges pending against Roark.



4 Comments on "Coroner’s Case Not Completely Dead Yet"

  1. Threatening a officer of the law and nothing done about it. Damn shame but that’s Mississippi for you the good ole boy state . You can get away with anything as long as you know the right people. Sorry elected officials

  2. Who is the idiot that can’t even proofread their own article ?? ” Boyle was charged with ….”

  3. A two month-old arrest, a canceled trial, no details from the MBI, and no comment from the Attorney General’s office. Does all this add up to “Case Dismissed?”

  4. Most likely a case of a city prosecutor deciding not to pursue the case. In this case, Roark’s position likely influenced the prosecutor’s use of this discretion, but intent is hard to prove.

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