Consolidation Confusion Reigns in Mound Bayou

MOUND BAYOU, MS (Ben Caxton) — Confusion reigns in Mound Bayou after an order prohibiting the consolidation of two North Bolivar schools. In January the school board voted to consolidate Mound Bayou’s John F. Kennedy High School with Shelby’s Broad Street high school and close a middle school in Shelby citing declining enrollment, a shortage of funds and lack of certified teachers. A local citizen’s group, JFK United, challenged North Bolivar School District’s decision and last week Chancery Judge W.M. Sanders said neither party complied with rules governing the closure or appeal process granting an injunction against the merger until the school district receives approval from the state Department of Education. But the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that because the district was reassigning students within the district to a different campus and not altering the district boundaries the decision was up to the school board and not the state. The MDE responded affirming that the opening or closing of schools within a district is a local issue, not a state one, as Mississippi law says local school boards have authority to close schools as long as the move benefits educable children in its district. Lawyers for JFK United have now filed for an appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court. The school district has responded noting that JFK United has not cited any basis in law for their appeal and have asked to court to deny their motion for another stay. Wherever the children ended up going to school they’ll need uniforms. On Thursday the district announced that school will start on August 16 and all students, grades 7 through 12 must wear royal blue or navy shirts and khaki pants.



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  1. It would be a crime to close the John F.Kennedy school in Mound Bayou!!! If the closing of schools within a district is a local one, and educable children are the target, I repeat, to close the school at Mound Bayou would be a crime against everything the the city has always stood for! I am the author of Isiah T. Montgomery, A Biography and a former MOund Bayouan.
    LaFlorya Gauthier Rombaut

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