Cleveland Police Set to Clip Grass Scatterers

Chicot Memorial

CLEVELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — Cleveland Police have assured the city that they take grass scatterers seriously. Chief Buster Bingham told the Board of Aldermen that lawn services would begin receiving tickets if they aren’t completing the entire job and taking grass clippings with them or bagging them to place at the end of the street. Heavy rains can cause flooding if the lawn clippings are allowed to be scattered in the street and clog vital storm drains that need to be clear to funnel away summer storm rains. According to city ordinance, all clippings must be placed in a bag or container that keeps them from blowing away, at the edge of the lawn, not on the paved street, so they can be safely hauled away. Failure to do so is punishable by a $100 fine, a day in jail, or both for each offense.



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