Clarksdale Residents Left Looking for Answers

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — With little apparent progress on several projects announced during the last year in Clarksdale citizens have more questions than answers. A Wing Stop was supposed to open this month in the city’s historic Greyhound bus depot but there’s been no visible construction activity, no lease has been signed, and WROX received no reply from representatives of Boss Wings Enterprises. In March 2018 the “Quality of Life” commission, formed to oversee development of a sports and recreation complex near the US 61-49 interchange south town, signed agreements to buy 85 acres of land for $1.14 million and issue urban renewal bonds to fund the project. Investment firm Piper Jaffray has not responded to WROX’s inquiries about the status of those bonds but it appears none have been issued and the land remains in the hands of Hopson-Nance LLC. Representatives of Piggly Wiggly Alabama have refused to answer questions about the grocery store proposed for the site in January and project developer Dwan Brown has also refused to make public a feasibility study demonstrating economic support for the proposed sports complex, hotel, and convention center.



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  1. Not to mention that whole electric cars deal. Is Clarksdale just full of grifters [google spell-check thoughtfully suggests, “grafters, gritters, drifters or snifters]? I suppose any or all of the above would do, as long as we don’t leave “embezzlers” out of the mix.

    Wassuup, Clarksdale?
    [now spell-check wants to replace “Clarksdale” with “Clydesdale”. Is google spell-check trying to move me to an alternative universe?

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