Clarksdale Public Utilities Phone Recordings Questioned

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Clarksdale Public Utilities has had a long practice of recording telephone conversations for quality assurance and training but lately, that practice has been questioned. Last month the board of commissioners directed CPU’s attorney to report unlawful actions to the FBI, and a telephone conversation recorded several years ago between a Clarksdale Public Utilities commissioner and controller, which led to both of their resignations, has been reported to the feds as well as CPU’s auditing firm and whistleblower attorney. It’s not clear if the parties knew that they were being recorded, what laws CPU may have broken, when or how many times, or who violated the law. But, CPU General Manager Mark Johnson says he felt the incident had not been handled in a comprehensive and professional manner.



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  1. ok they both knew they were being recorded i guess they didn’t care

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