Clarksdale Mayor Takes Credit for Erasing City Deficit

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — During last Monday’s Clarksdale city board meeting, Mayor Chuck Espy said that the city was $1.4 million “in the hole” when he took office last July. Responding a request from WROX-AM Radio in Clarksdale to explain the deficit, Espy told the station that in past years the city borrowed $700,000 from the city’s “rainy day fund” to balance the budget at the end of each fiscal year but did not do so last September. Changing medical insurance providers for city workers saved nearly $450,000 and the city saved another $50,000 by shopping for automobile and other general insurance coverage. Finally, $100,000 that was budgeted for legal expenses related to the city’s ongoing annexation battle with the county and the town of Lyon will not be spent this fiscal year.



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  1. Avatar David Ready | May 22, 2018 at 9:39 am | Reply

    Smoke & mirrors…

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