Clarksdale Mayor Compares Predecessor To Roy Moore

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Wednesday morning Clarksdale Mayor Chuck Espy was a guest on Supertalk Mississippi and told host Paul Gallo that “charter schools will never work in Mississippi”. As a state representative, Espy favored charter schools but now is 100% against them, saying charter schools have a “negative stench” in the state. Espy then also drew a comparison between former mayor Bill Luckett and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, saying both failed to concede defeat after losing an election. Espy, who was elected on a campaign promise of allowing residents to park cars on their front lawns, has recently been involved in a public fight with the Clarksdale Public Utilities Board. Espy is attempting to force the resignation of the entire board so they can be replaced with members willing to transfer nearly $1,000,000 in customer utility payments to the city for use in city projects promoted by the mayor in contradiction of established state regulations of public utilities.


December 2009:
Espy in Jackson arguing Charter Schools are needed to “raise the bar as high as possible”

December 2009:
Espy says there is “no bar high enough” for his three children in support of Charter Schools


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