Clarksdale Citizens Meet to Discuss CPU

CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — A group of citizens met Thursday to discuss concerns about Clarksdale Public Utilities. General Manager Mark Johnson, CFO Steve Reed, and communications director Chris Campos were suspended eight weeks ago. On Friday local radio station WROX submitted a series of questions to the five CPU commissioners regarding the investigation by attorney Jim Herring and other issues. Commissioner James Humber was the only board member who responded and said that while the investigation yielded facts and issues that need to be resolved he does not believe that anyone, including the three suspended employees, willfully intended to violate any statutes or policies. Humber said the board takes their responsibilities seriously and that he fully read the report including the testimony of Johnson, Reed, and Campos. While he understands public opinion, commissioner Humber said decisions should not be based only on public opinion and that he only wants what’s best for Clarksdale, adding that the “CPU 3” deserve a hearing and answers to the questions raised by the investigation.



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