Chicot Sheriff Confirms Bridge Jumper Reports

LAKE VILLAGE, AR (Ben Caxton) — Reports received Tuesday at Delta Daily News from inside the Washington County Sheriff’s office about a jumper on the Mississippi River Bridge between Greenville, and Lake Village have been confirmed. Online newspaper spoke with Chico County Sheriff Ron Nichols on Wednesday about the incident. He said that just after noon on Tuesday a delivery driver crossing the bridge saw a woman jump into the water below. The resulting search by police from both states and emergency personnel managed to recover her car, keys and drivers license which were later turned over to relatives, but so far the body has not been found. The Sheriff told they believe the woman is from the Monticello area but cautioned that rumors circulating on social media that the victim is related to another high-profile case in Monticello are untrue. Areas downriver have been notified of the situation and the investigation continues.



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  1. Avatar Daniel R Bernal | November 7, 2018 at 6:49 pm | Reply

    Have you found her yet?

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