Check Your Water Tests Results for This Man’s Signature

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — If your home, business, or city has had an official water test done for federal compliance in the last few years, you had better check the signature verifying the results. If it says “JohnCouey” you’ll probably have to have it done over. Couey was sentenced last week by senior United States District Judge Glen Davidson in Oxford following a guilty plea to five felony counts of making false material statements in documents required to be maintained under the Clean Water Act. Couey is the owner and lab director of Davis Research, Inc., an environmental analytical laboratory located in Avon, Mississippi which performed analytical testing services for more than 100 cities, towns, state and federal agencies, and businesses in the Mississippi Delta. Problem was, he falsified over 1000 lab reports of wastewater that were submitted to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality to demonstrate compliance under the Clean Water Act. Couey was sentenced to 18 months on each of the five counts of conviction to run concurrently and is set to report to prison on March 16th of this year.



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  1. For years the water in Quitman,County has been bad.The county treats gets better then it goes back to brown water and it smells.

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