Washington County cracking down on crime

Nine arrests were made during a coordinated effort to cut down on crime in Washington County. The Sheriff’s Department, Greenville Police, Hollandale Police and Leland Police patrolled areas that are subject to crime and arrested eight individuals in Glen Allan and one in Leland on various charges.

Greenville is reviving its recycling program

A three-month trial period will help determine the feasibility of a longer-term program that would be operated by the city. Residents are being urged to drop off paper products at three large bins that have been set up at the K-Mart Parking Lot on Highway 82 East, the Taco Bell…

Leland rejects convenience store

The Leland Board of Aldermen has rejected a resident’s request to open a convenience store. Carl Richmond wanted to open a convenience store near his home on Robb Street. The board unanimously rejected his request for a rezoning permit. Opponents said it would have set a bad precedent and inspired…

Hundreds expected at McMillian funeral

Hundreds of people are expected at the memorial service tomorrow for Marco McMillian. The 34-year-old was the victim of a murder, for which Lawrence Reed of Shelby remains in custody. McMillian was running for mayor of Clarksdale on a platform of reducing crime and improving employment. He was one of…

Funeral set for Marco McMillian

A funeral will be held for Saturday for Marco McMillian, the Clarksdale mayoral candidate who was murdered last week. He was one of the first openly gay candidates for public office in Mississippi and his family has called for an investigation into whether the case qualifies as a hate crime….