Burglars Break Back Into Jail After Crime Spree

LEXINGTON, MS (Ben Caxton) — In what is probably a first for the Magnolia State, four Holmes County prisoners are accused of escaping from jail to rob a nearby convenience store, and the sneaking back into prison to sell their haul to other prisoners. Lexington police say Jacquiez Williams, Levontaye Ellington, Travis Baker, and Maurice Robertson escaped their cell, jumped the fence of the jail and walked less than a mile to a Dollar General. Police Chief Robert Kirklin said surveillance video from that night shows they broke in after hours to steal cigarettes, cigarette lighters, phones and other items they felt they could sell in jail. After grabbing the items in the store, the chief says instead of making a run for it, the men snuck back into the jail unnoticed. Holmes County Sheriff Willie March confirmed the escape and told local television stations in Jackson that his team is now working to better secure the faculty and beef up security to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The four inmates are all being charged with commercial burglary.


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