Broadcaster Accuses State Of Ducking Advertising Bill

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — The parent company of Delta Daily News, Delta Radio Network, has written to Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant regarding a nearly two-year-old invoice for the “Click It or Ticket” campaign that has never been paid by the state. The broadcasting company filed suit against the State Department of Transportation in Bolivar County Justice Court, but the case was dismissed after Special Assistant Attorney General Jim Bobo told Judge Harold Ward that any suit against the state had to be filed in Hinds County. Delta Radio Network President Larry Fuss argued that such a requirement was a major inconvenience to small business owners who had to travel to Jackson to institute legal proceedings in the event the state failed to pay its bills. According to Fuss other media outlets in the state were ultimately paid for the “Click It or Ticket” campaign. But Delta Radio wrote Governor Bryant that it had still not received a check from the state in large part due to Bobo’s arrogance, pettiness, and vindictiveness. In Delta’s letter to the governor, Fuss said: “Public servants like Mr. Bobo should not be employed by the state if they refuse to help their constituents and if they use the power of their position to engage in vindictive behavior.” Delta Radio has asked the governor to respond by October 31 before it refiles the lawsuit in Hinds County.



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  1. Who ordered the Click It or Ticket advertising? Was it the State Department of Transportation (MDOT) or the State Department of Public Safety (MDPS Highway Patrol)? The article states that is was the State Department of Transportation. Is that correct or did they file suit against the wrong state agency or is the article wrong?

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