BREAKING: Three Shot, One Dead in Greenville

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GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Delta Daily News has been told that three people have been shot in Greenville, and a local hospital was placed on lock down this morning. One of the gunshot victims has died. One is in critical condition, the other listed as stable. An eyewitness that was at at Delta Regional Medical Center said that when the victims were brought to the hospital authorities put hospital on lock down for safety reasons. Eyewitness say both the Greenville Police Department and Washington County Sheriff’s Department were on the scene. UPDATE 10:00 AM The injuries stemmed from an attempted robbery on Gloster Street in Greenville.  The victim is reported as 48-year-old Samuel Hudson. Hudson suffer multiple gunshot wounds all over his body, fired from a large caliber weapon. This is a developing story. Stay with Delta Radio, and http://www.deltadailynews for updates and additional information as it becomes available. UPDATE 3:00 PM Police first responded to the shooting call around 11:30 PM Saturday night. On arrival Hudson was found unresponsive inside his home at 438 Persimmon Street, at the corner of Persimmon and Gloster. Washington County Coroner Methel Johnson pronounced him dead on scene.


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  1. sad and getting sadder..greenville has been called little chicago since i was a teenager 45 years ago…but it seems the black folks love it..

  2. Timothy Jones | August 7, 2017 at 3:33 am | Reply

    And people wonder why companies won’t come to Greenville for jobs. I grew up in Greenville and it was a booming town, lots of good jobs and a safe place to raise your kids. There’s too much hate in that town and soon it will be another Memphis.

    • Yeah sure that’s “real” reason companies won’t come to Greenville despite Canton Ms averaging a half dozen murders a year for the past decade. Lies like the one you told are hurting Greenville’s economy.

  3. So sad.That’s what ignorance will do to people, places and things living without knowledge of God,self & how to apply for a better life.

  4. Sharon Scott | August 9, 2017 at 8:17 pm | Reply

    Terrible loss, he was like family to me! Sad sad how Greenville is going down. In my days we were able to play outside late for hours there with no problems now kids getting killed!

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