Bolivar County Deputy Coroner Kills His Freedom

Bolivar County Mississippi Deputy Coroner Murray Roark is facing a felony charge after a speeding arrest.


BOYLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — The Mississippi Highway Patrol has arrested James Murray Roark of Boyle. Roark was arrested and charged by the MHP on February 20th for Speeding – going 95mph in a 65mph zone – Disorderly Conduct, and Unlawful Threatening of an Officer. The incident happened on Highway 61 near Merigold. Bond was set at five thousand dollars and a court date has been set for April 6. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is investigating the threatening of an officer because it’s a felony offense.

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  1. Avatar Terry D Russell | March 2, 2017 at 12:11 pm | Reply

    The only thing that is “up in it”, is your head.

  2. That’s pretty funny.

  3. This guy deserves to be behind bars. About time.

  4. Karma is a b*tch!

  5. Avatar Terry D Russell | March 2, 2017 at 2:27 pm | Reply

    This man lost his daughter and son-in-law in a tragic airplane crash recently, leaving three grandchildren with out parents.
    Your headline was extremely insenative and without knowledge of his situation. So now with all the hurt you have added, just to make a sensational story. You are a moron.

    • Appreciate your opinion. Which seems to be that if you suffer a personal loss, put others at risk by driving a 3,000 pound machine down a non-access controlled highway at nearly 100 miles per hour putting other people’s families and children at risk and when stopped because you are a danger to others you then threaten the life of an officer doing his duty to see that other families don’t have to deal with the same kind of loss that you did. Ultimately we are all responsible for our own decisions. The decision to threaten a state trooper over what was obviously his own reckless behavior was his choice. No one else’s. And if pointing out that fact is offensive to some, so be it. Perhaps if more people stopped to consider the consequences of their actions beforehand, no matter their own personal tragedies, they wouldn’t be in a position of suffering the indignation of a headline suggesting that his current predicament is no one else’s fault but his own. Not to mention not being the fault of a headline. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Avatar Murry is a bad person | March 2, 2017 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    He finally acted this way to the wrong people and hopefully will be put a little closer to his proper place in this world as a result. If only they could put him in jail for a while and make this world a better place during that time.

  7. Avatar Keith Christopher | March 2, 2017 at 4:36 pm | Reply

    If your going to print a story, print the whole story. You left out a lot of details that change the whole outlook one may have on your story. You fail to mention why he was driving at a high rate of speed. You also fail to mention the fact that he and the officer had bad feeling going back to an incident concerning some zoning laws in the town of Boyle. If you choose to tell the story, tell it all whether it fits your need to convict someone by news media or not. A half ass reporter is scary. Once the story is released, it is accepted as the truth. And that is the truth.

    • He was driving at a high rate of speed because he felt he didn’t have to worry about injuring someone in an accident? 95mph in a 65mph on that stretch of highway is a bit more than just a “high rate of speed”. Apparently, whatever he felt the emergency was that caused the need for that excessive, – most would say reckless – velocity on an uncontrolled highway, the officer did not seem to see it, or agree. If there are any actual facts that are in error, please feel free to state them, We strive to be accurate. Feelings, opinions, excuses, and motivations, while popular with many so-called news outlets today are not something that we intend to peddle. Just the facts. And the facts are that this person was stopped for excessive speed, and rather than accept his responsibility, apparently “felt” the need to make threats against someone just doing his legally empowered job as opposed to addressing the issue later in court – where if his cause was just I am sure he would have had no trouble convincing the judge of the inappropriateness of the officer’s actions. I appreciate your input and wish you well.

    • Avatar Anonymously GOD'S GOT THIS! | March 2, 2017 at 9:57 pm | Reply

      So what’s the true detail facts Keith?

  8. Re Russell’s “…three grandchildren without parents.” The children are with their biological father.

  9. This is irresponsible journalism at its worst. I really hope that when you find out the rest of the story you will post the entire truth since you are clearly “all up in it.”

    • We will look forward to reporting that he was not going 95mph in a 65mph zone on a busy highway endangering other drivers and families. We will gladly report that he did not make personal threats to an MHP officer. Once he has cleared his name of those “spurious” accusations in court. In the interim, the facts as stated in the article are not in dispute. Simply claiming that they are without even stating an alternative does not – even in 21st century “fake news” America – make it so. He was stopped for speeding, arrested, and is under investigation for a felony charge of threatening an officer. Which is what the article stated. Which no one has disputed. If these accusations by the officer, the MHP, and the MBI are all false as you claim I am confident, as should you be, that his name will be cleared. That would be an even more newsworthy story in the future. Y’all have a great evening.

  10. He an ass always have been and always will he thinks he above the law do what he wants to sells drugs and steals

  11. I think once the investigation is over, you will find you are wrong in your reporting. Just another case of a paper or reporter trying to make headlines. Bet you a steak at
    Does Steakhouse you are wrong and am just as sure that you will not print a retraction.

    • Avatar Anonymously GOD'S GOT THIS! | March 2, 2017 at 9:55 pm | Reply

      No sir it’s not incorrect reporting. He’s a person that thinks he’s above the law. I know for a fact.

  12. Avatar Russell Quinton | March 2, 2017 at 7:56 pm | Reply

    It was my understanding that he was on the way to a death. He is the corner and such has to go to every incident that someone dies. I would think 895 was a little excessive but I was not there. I have a hard time believing Mr Roark would be dumb enough to threaten a state highway patrolman that he knows hates him.But then again e everyone I know who is Acquainted with the patrolmAn say he is a nice guy.

    • The body was going somewhere and the coroner didn’t want to miss out?

    • Due to his side business Murray has connections all the way to state level. He is not afraid of being convicted. I will be surprised if he is convicted this time. He told me once that a thousand lawyers couldn’t touch him.

  13. Thank you for reporting on this Ben. Murry is a corrupt bully that has gotten away with a lot over the years and it’s a pleasure to see at least a little justice coming his way.

  14. This report is accurate . He has always been above the law and gotten away with it. His fan club is sticking up for him because he covers their corruption up.

    • I’ll second that! He has ALWAYS thought he was above the law. And those that do back him, he has covered up for. But, get caught up in something illegal with him…and it’s gonna be the other one taking the wrap for sure. He will go to court and nothing will probably happen. Sad thing to think, but that’s just the truth around here.

  15. Avatar Anonymously GOD'S GOT THIS! | March 2, 2017 at 9:53 pm | Reply

    Yep ! I always say that what goes around comes around . And that’s not hear say because Roark I know well and he just whipped someone in Boyle not long ago for him reporting him about getting workers to work on something personal work for him and he whooped up on this poor man and he filmed every bit of it. And he does think he’s above the law.

  16. Avatar Still mad and black | March 2, 2017 at 11:51 pm | Reply

    Fuck Murray lowdown dirty mf!! He once told me and I quote his exact words “I know you didn’t do it but I’m goin to lock your black ass up anyway “

  17. To think he is the Chief of Police, runs the Town Hall in Boyle. He is not the Coroner but a deputy.

  18. He’s been corrupt for years.

  19. I hope he finally gets treated the same way he’s treated others in the past. He’s always had the attitude that he’s untouchable and I hope they show him that he isn’t any better than the average person.

  20. The people sticking up for Murry have no clear argument and seem to be of a similar intellect. Murry Roark is a complete joke and completely unfit to serve in any position that requires honor, respect or authority. This small man, with an over inflated ego, absolutely deserves much more than the slap on the wrist he will undoubtedly get April 6th. He has a past that if uncovered would prove what a huge disgrace he is to Mississippi. Under no circumstances should he be allowed to hold any position with a salary paid by honest tax payer’s hard earned money. Enough already! It’s time Murry Roark was held accountable. Bravo Ben Caxton! I hope to see you carry this story further and expose more of the truth.

  21. Avatar Manu jeffers | March 4, 2017 at 3:30 pm | Reply

    If he did this what other laws have he broken and can he be trusted as the coroner. I can only imagine his biases if he thought driving 30 miles over the posted speed limit was smart.

  22. I hope this is not another instance where the “connected” goes unpunished after shedding copious crocodile tears and sincerely promising it will never happen again.

  23. I once testified in the same court case as Roark. While waiting to testify, He and another officer spent the entire day bragging and comparing stories of brutality and racism. Murray Roark is scum and deserves to go to jail for a long time. I doubt he will suffer at all for his crimes but his career of corruption and sin earns him the right to endure hell at the hands of all he’s tortured and abused.

  24. From everything I’ve heard about this man he is a crook. He feels he is above the law. Greed and corruption finally have caught up with him, hopefully.

  25. Update?

  26. Come on, Ben! What happened in court??

  27. Follow up story? Or did this story mysteriously die?

    • From what we’ve been told there was no court appearance on April 6th. The case appears to be in the hands of the Attorney General with no further actions scheduled at this time. We’ve reached out to the Attorney General’s office for confirmation or comment.

  28. No further action? Hmmm! Methinks the Mississippi Double Standard is alive and well.

  29. Remarkable…. and there are people who are still wondering why this country and especially Mississippi are so screwed up.

  30. Avatar Mississippi is burning | September 16, 2017 at 3:38 pm | Reply

    Has this story developed or died? Lovely for things to be swept under the delta rug

    • The Delta has a rug? Who knew. Our inquiries directed us to the State Attorney General’s Office who apparently was handling the inquiry, and they won’t talk about it. So anyone interested should bombard Democrat Jim Hood’s office and ask why. The phone number there is 601-359-3680.

  31. Ram charger I was once a victim of a faults arrest from this guy , made up and all because he was holding a grudge with another person he didn’t like ,so hope he gets the maximum sentence as I did!!!!

  32. Nearly two years on the AG’s desk. Must be in the “No Rush” stack.

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