Bolivar Bridge Closures Cause Emergency Declaration

BOLIVAR COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — Twenty-three bridge closures in Bolivar County forced the County Board of Supervisors to declare a state of emergency last week. Board president Donny Whitten blamed federal bridge inspectors who he said showed up in the county unannounced last year. According to the Bolivar Commercial newspaper, Whitten told other board members during a work session last Thursday that the inspectors didn’t tell the county engineer, county administrator or possibly even the state. According to the county engineer, there are five bridges in need of repair that qualify for state funding. Two of which are already under repair, with the other three awaiting money being allocated. The county is working on repairing a number of other bridges on its own using new specially ordered culverts. Whitten says the Emergency Declaration is simply a way of adding some urgency to the situation to get the repairs moving more quickly.


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