Bolivar Board Of Supervisors Trash County Sheriff

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BOLIVAR COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Monday meeting of the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors ended up trashing Sheriff Kelvin Williams. Literally. The board made a decision to crack down on littering in the county, and the Sheriff’s Department will be charged with going after violators. Supervisors lamented that there are large piles of trash just dumped along roadways in many areas of the county. The sheriff has pledged to step up patrols in an attempt to catch the dumpers in the act so they can be charged or fined. Williams suggested that residents can also take advantage of the Crimestoppers Hotline to report illegal dumping if they wish to remain anonymous. Criminal penalties range from misdemeanors for throwing cigarette butts or paper wrappers out of a car window, to felonies for dumping larger amounts of trash over certain weight limits, with fines of up to $250.



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