Blues Commission Missing Nearly $1M in Receipts

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — A performance audit by State Auditor Shad White reports a lack of documentation for millions of dollars spent by the Mississippi Blues Commission. The audit found no evidence of embezzlement, fraud or other criminal violations, but the commission was unable to provide paperwork for over $950,000 of expenditures. Additionally the commission paid nearly $2 million to over 120 different vendors without a valid contract on file, did not establish accounts with the State Treasury as mandated by law to monitor revenues and expenditures, and has allowed an “interim” fiscal agent to operate with an expired contract since 2010 and under policies not directly approved by the Commission. Lawmakers created the Blues Commission in 2006 but this is its first audit. White’s office is recommending that the commission be dissolved and its duties, including the erection of Blues Trail markers, be assigned to a private nonprofit organization like the Mississippi Blues Foundation.


5 Comments on "Blues Commission Missing Nearly $1M in Receipts"

  1. They maybe missing unless where the money really went don’t give receipts.

  2. Wherever Shad goes, he brings the blues. Only in this case the Blues were waiting for him.

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