Barge Sinking After Striking Vicksburg River Bridge

VICKSBURG, MS (Ben Caxton) — The old Vicksburg Mississippi River bridge has claimed another victim. A 35 Barge tow, southbound on the river, struck one of the piers on the Lousiana side of the bridge around 4:20 AM Monday morning. The collision caused the right side string of barges to break free. Several half submerged barges were pushed to shore where pumps are being used to remove the contents to lighten them and keep them from sinking. But one is nearly submerged in the middle of the river awaiting rescue efforts which are being complicated by swift current and high water levels. The river is open to barge traffic, and after inspections, the old bridge, which carries a rail line between Mississippi and Lousiana was reopened to train traffic by Monday afternoon.



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