Bad Bids Could Cause County to Pay for Bad Rice

GREENVILLE, MS (Ben Caxton) — Washington County Supervisors found out Monday they may be at risk of having to pay for millions of dollars in bad rice, thanks to a bad bid. The county rents a warehouse on North Theobold Street to Mars Food. The roof was damaged in a hailstorm more than 8 months ago and has yet to be repaired. A bid was let and accepted, but the company selected to make the repairs said they significantly underestimated the work involved and have asked the bid be canceled. In the meantime supervisors were told that if the rice constantly moving through the building is damaged because of the leaky roof, taxpayers will be the ones who have to cover the damage. The original roof, added in 2010 cost the county just under one-and-a-half a million dollars. A new roof is estimated at around $2 million.



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  1. Sue the bidder for breach of contract, and for any damages incurred.

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