B.C. Hammond Of Cleveland to Challenge Bennie Thompson

CLEVELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — The man from Cleveland who ran for State Senate District 13 and was defeated by Sarita Simmons hasn’t had his fill of politics just yet. Republican B.C. Hammond has filed papers now to take on long time Mississippi 2nd Congressional District Representative, Bennie Thompson. Thompson has held the seat for 27 years, first elected in 1993. The primary election for the seat is set for March 10.



7 Comments on "B.C. Hammond Of Cleveland to Challenge Bennie Thompson"

  1. Benny needs to go. He isn’t for the people

  2. Ole Bennie has been in this job for 27 years and has not brought the first job to his district. He became a millionaire in the job in his fourth year. What the heck has this guy done other than throw fish-fries and attend junkets at taxpayer expense? It’s a total mystery why black folks continue to vote for this clown. But, I guess jobs are not on the radar of his constituency.

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