August 12: The Week In Review

Chicot Memorial

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Headlining the news across the Delta this week were multiple shootings in and around Greenville. On Sunday night an elderly Winterville man was shot to death and his car set on fire. Wednesday brought another death in a triple shooting on Persimmon Street in Greenville. A man died behind the wheel of his car at lunchtime on Alexander street Thursday when two men opened fire on the vehicle. Later Thursday a 16-year-old was wounded in the wrist by a group firing weapons from the back of a passing truck, and a Vicksburg man was shot in the leg while out walking. Police have two men in custody under $1M bond for one of the Greenville shootings and are searching for suspects in the others. Elsewhere school started across Mississippi. Greenville has eight candidates for three council seats. Indianola is investigating possible employee misconduct stemming from a Sunday fire. Greenwood may be raising city property taxes by 6%. In Vicksburg, a police sweep netted 7 felons, and 93 workers will lose their job as a local flooring plant closes. A Cleveland school got a new mascot, a Cleveland University is getting a new field, a former Cleveland Doctor was sentenced to prison for fraud, and a Cleveland mom was killed when she crashed her car, with five children inside, into an apartment building. And four inmates, including one accused of murder, escaped from jail in Coahoma County on Friday. All this and more this past week from Delta Radio and



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