As Manslaughter Trial Jury Waits, Man Commits Suicide

GREENWOOD, MS (Ben Caxton) — A man accused of manslaughter in the death of his stepson will not face trial. 52-year-old Henry Dexter Greene was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a pickup truck behind his home Tuesday morning by Greenwood police who went looking for him when he did not show up for trial Tuesday morning. The Greenwood Commonwealth newspaper was told by his attorney that she spoke with Greene around 8:15 AM to arrange to meet at court at 8:30 but he never showed up. Greene had been charged in the August 2017 death of his 30-year-old stepson, Trevose Stansberry. According to the paper Stansberry, who had a gun in his car, had become irate and threated his mother, who then asked her husband, Greene for help. Greene, a retired corrections officer who had worked at Delta Correctional Facility and on death row at the?Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman put Stansberry in a chokehold, which eventually led to his stepson’s death from oxygen deprivation several days later.



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