Arkansas Making Progress with Uninsured

LITTLE ROCK, AR (Ben Caxton) — Arkansas’ rural communities are seeing the benefits firsthand of the state expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, even as many other southern states opted against it. Stephanie Carson reports for Delta Daily News. The progress in reducing the number of uninsured Arkansans is highlighted in a new report by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families. It says small towns in states that expanded Medicaid have seen more than triple the rate of decline in their uninsured adult populations than those that did not expand. Marquita Little Numan with Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families says more people are getting health care. “We’ve continued to see what the positive impact of the expansion has been for our state, especially in a lot of those small towns and rural areas, those low-income adults in those communities, have continued to benefit greatly and have reduced rates of un-insurance.” Rural Arkansas went from a 45-percent uninsured rate in 2009 to 22-percent. The report says Arkansas is one of the states that has seen the largest gains.



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