April 14: the Week in Review

THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Another week has passed, and all the news in the Delta the last seven days is history. If you weren’t listening to Delta Radio every morning, her some of the news we discussed you might have missed. A Clarksdale native is hoping for big news on NFL draft day, Clarksdale Mayor Espy and the city council said no to manhole damages, a local blue’s museum got a nearly half million dollar grant, and the state auditor continues to look into the books of Coahoma County’s Tourism board. Lightning set a Greenwood funeral home on fire.In Monticello, snipers invaded Drew County, while skeletal remains found in the woods were identified as a man missing since last year, and a 21-year-old was shot dead less than 12-hours after being released from jail. Fire Destroyed Arcola’s one-stop for Gas, Groceries, and Mail. Greenville may need to pay 60,000 each year to drive inmates around to cut the grass, two men have been charged with attempted murder for a late February shooting, while police have dedicated three cruisers to look for bad license plate tags. In Cleveland Blake Ferretti tossed his hat into the ring for a run for the Mississippi House, and in the Mississippi Delta, the Big Sunflower River was named the nation’s most endangered. All this and much more, this week, from Delta Radio, and deltadailynews.com.


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