Alex Deaton Pleads Guilty in Mississippi Court

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Mississippi man pleaded guilty Monday to a killing and drive-by shooting, part of a series of violent crimes in three states. Alex Deaton was sentenced to life in prison after admitting in Rankin County Circuit Court that he strangled his girlfriend Heather Robinson to death in February 2017, stole her SUV then shot and wounded a jogger near Robinson’s home. Deaton could face trial later this year for shooting Brenda Pinter to death while she was cleaning a church near Philadelphia, Mississippi the day after he killed Robinson but prosecutors say that may not happen since he has already been sentenced to life. The 29-year-old Deaton also faces a multi-count indictment in New Mexico where he tried to kidnap two teenage hikers, shot and wounded one of them and stole a car. Deaton pleaded guilty in July 2017 to stealing a car, robbing and shooting a convenience store clerk and was sentenced last October to nearly 13 years in prison for attempted first-degree murder and aggravated robbery in Kansas.



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