Aberdeen Mayor Arrested on 5 Counts Of Embezzlement

ABERDEEN, MS (Ben Caxton) — Aberdeen Mayor Maurice Howard has been arrested after being indicted for 5 counts of embezzlement. State Auditor Shad White has issued a demand letter worth $11,649.34 which includes interest and investigative costs. Howard is accused of embezzling about $3500 in city funds; he was given checks for attending meetings and conferences on behalf of Aberdeen but failed to attend the events, depositing the checks into his personal bank account and not returning the unused money. Investigators also determined the Mayor used a city vehicle for personal travel and found Howard should repay the city for providing hotel rooms and conference registration fees the Mayor never used. This part of the demand is worth over $2000 and is not part of the criminal allegations against him. If convicted on all counts, Howard faces up to $25,000 in fines and 100 years in prison. Conviction would also prevent him from holding public office.


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  1. He must be from Clarksdale…but the hair cut says N. Korea..

  2. Katie Salley look how much time he could get for $5500 dollars.

  3. Tjuan Guido well look at this!

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