373 Coronavirus Associated Hospitalizations in Mississippi

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi remains under a statewide ‘shelter-in-place’ order. As of 6:00 PM on April 6th the state reports 373 hospitalized, and a total of 59 deaths – 55 of those at least 50-years-old or above. It’ not clear at the moment whether the hospitalization number is a current or cumulative total, however, and death numbers normally include anyone who died after testing positive for the virus, no matter what the actual cause of death. At least 38 nursing homes in Mississippi are reporting outbreaks of Coronavirus. Four deaths attributed to the virus have been reported in Leflore County, 2 in Bolivar, and 1 each in Yazoo, Washington, Tunica, and Sunflower Counties. Elsewhere Tennessee is reporting 65 deaths, and Arkansas 16 and Helena-West Helena Mayor Kevin Smith confirms his city is dealing with its first case of COVID-19. The outbreak is expected to peak in Mississippi on April 18th and Governor Tate Reeves says by then the state will need nearly 3400 hospital beds, about 400 more than currently in the healthcare system. For most people coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms like fever and cough which clear up in two to three weeks but milder cases of pneumonia sometimes require hospitalization. The risk of death is greater for older adults and people with underlying health problems.


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