35,000 Sign Online Recall Petition Against Grenada D.a.

GRENADA, MS (Ben Caxton) — An investigative report showing that Grenada D.A. Doug Evans’ office strikes five times as many black jurors as white jurors has resulted in 35,000 people signing an online removal petition. The report was featured in an internet podcast called “In the Dark” which looked at jury information for 225 of 418 criminal trials conducted between 1992 and 2017 in Evans’ district. Evans, who denies any bias, told the Greenwood Commonwealth newspaper that he has no idea where the figures came from, and hasn’t listened to the podcast. Still, the Mississippi Supreme Court has questioned his jury selection practices in at least one high profile case previously.



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  1. Avatar Greg Goolsby | June 30, 2018 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    Why is Doug Evans still employed? Im sure there are so many more innocent individuals in jail because of him and his team. Doug Evans should live the rest of his life behind bars for all the lives he has ruined. Im sure Curtis Flowers will be free soon based on the real evidence and Doug Evans should take is place.

    • I’m so glad you said that Greg Goolsby! This case haunts me. The fact that a scumbag like Doug Evans is not only walking around a free man but he still has his job shakes me to my core. How can any of us believe anymore that our judicial system isn’t rigged? This man should not only be imprisoned, he should face the death penalty. He killed Mrs. Flowers.

  2. I agree with Greg Goolsby…what an EMBARRASSMENT this DA(more than one meaning) is on the state of MI. Has a king complex…disgusting. Everything he’s touched is suspicious.
    Get him out of office…out of MI!

  3. Avatar amber s angle | July 23, 2018 at 4:44 pm | Reply

    i just signed the petition!!!! this man (doug evans ) should not only be fired , he should no longer be allowed to work , he should be put behind bars immediately !!! he is a danger to society , i believe the death of three people plus curtis flowers life in jail is on his hands .

  4. How is this man not disbarred? How is it that the entire world can see him for the deceptive and racist lawyer he is but no one in power can? Which one of these “manly, good old boys” are going to actually stand up and be a man and right the wrong that has been going on for decades? Evans (I refuse to acknowledge him as Mr.) is an embarrassment to his post and is making a fool out of the people who continue to vote him into office. He has made a fool out of himself and his town. Regardless of anyone’s personal belief it is clear that there is an abuse of power and human rights. He can live in denial thinking the rest of us are brainwashed by a podcast but a quick google search reveals that this type of neglect has been going on for years. He not only should be fired, but stripped of any right he has – just as he has taken others rights. I cannot believe a man who takes an oath can declare himself a Christian who is trying to fight for justice. Evans, you disgust so many of us and it’s time to maybe heed the signs. You will fail, you will be overthrown and those you believed to be your friends because they are cowards like you and will fold the pressure the media is bringing to your little backwards town. Frankly, I would love to see you escorted out of the court in handcuffs but taking away everything you built your life around will do. If you build your house out of cards you better be ready for a strong wind to blow it down. And you’re too stupid (stupid is as stupid does) to see the gusts picking up. You are nothing more than a criminal like those you SAY you are fighting against. You’re time is coming and I will be celebrating the day it comes. Pop the popcorn – your demise will entertain me for years to come.

  5. Avatar Chris Rigoni | August 9, 2018 at 9:48 am | Reply

    This entire investigation is a black eye to the criminal justice system as a whole. The lack of professionalism, training and most of all integrity are mind boggling. Mr. Evans himself, with all of the obvious lies and omissions, his “investigator” John Johnson, along with the local judges that presided over the trials are an embarrassment to those of us in the field who worked so hard to do things right. I was a state police investigator for almost 25 years and in law enforcement over 30, worked with many small town sheriff’s offices, police departments and prosecutors and never saw anything like this. This shows the problems with government in this country; corruption is so often uncovered yet nothing is ever done. It is so obvious in this case yet people like Evans and Johnson still walk around like decent people. I worked on and later supervised a squad responsible for public integrity investigations for many years in Florida. I wish this had happened in my region, it would have been pleasure to put handcuffs on Evans and Johnson, and put them where they belong.

    • Thank you Chris Rigoni. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. These two men are despicable and if that’s what Mississippi is all about, I’ll NEVER set foot in that state again.

  6. What a disgusting piece of shit you are Doug Evans! If you are indeed a Christian know that God has seen everything you’ve done and the hate in your heart. Enjoy your judgement day and what awaits you in the afterlife. If by some chance there’s Justice in this one, enjoy being amongst the inmates and everything that they’ll have planned for you. Even that won’t make up for all the years that you took from an innocent man.

  7. Fuck Doug Evans and Jon Johnson!

  8. Doug Evans is a racist and a liar. He should be disbarred and he should be put in jail for perjury.

    Judge Joey Loper is also a racist and a corrupt judge who should lose his job.

    Mississippi still burns with racism.

  9. What you all forget is where this is taking place…. in the Deep South unfortunately there is extreme racism alive and well… this is one of those such places.. do you really think that Evans got elected that many times because black people voted for him? The majority are whites and they are a bunch of racists… maybe not all but enough that it has allowed such a deep violation of this mans civil rights and allows Evans to continue his racist tirade… once you get racism out of the people down there then you can get rid of poison vermin like Evans…

  10. Contact the president of the Mississippi Bar Association at pbennett@mc.edu. Doug Evans should at least be disbarred.

  11. The In the Dark podcast shines a new light on the case of Curtis Flowers. If you want to make a difference and free this innocent man, contact the Mississippi Bar Association and file a complaint. Doug Evans, Jon Johnson and anyone else who has been involved in this should be charged. It’s time to start fighting back!

  12. Doug Evans should be disbarred in light of this information, irregardless of this particular case. He’s corrupt and a racist.

  13. How in the world could this DA continue to practice? We all know this man followed and listened to the investigation, In The Dark, weekly. How is it that no one in the state is rushing to correct this HUGE misjustice. Where is Kim Kardashian… we need her to advocate to get Curtis out! Enough time has passed. Karma is coming for Doug Evans and all of his minions.

  14. It is sad to think a person like Doug Evans is in a position of power. What an evil person, can’t imagine how may lives he has ruined because of his racism.

  15. Avatar Crystal Durham | December 4, 2018 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Losing his job is not enough. Doug Evans should be prosecuted, and everyone who helped him do this should be too.

  16. Avatar Travis Davison | January 15, 2019 at 5:32 pm | Reply

    This absolutely breaks my heart that people in power, that includes the jurors, and how they can convict a person (no matter the race) with such thin “evidence” and how they can actually say this man is guilty BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. This is beyond insane to me. It makes me to go to Mississippi and protest.. and I a not one to protest.

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