21 Minutes Of Tornadoes on Ground in Vicksburg

VICKSBURG, MS (Ben Caxton) — 21 minutes. That’s how long investigators from the National Weather Service say two twisters were on the ground in the City of Vicksburg in Saturday’s Mississippi tornado outbreak. Both were rated as “strong” EF2 tornadoes on the 0 through 5 an EF2 Enhanced Fujita Scale. The first tornado with winds topping out around 120 mph touched down near Walmart at 5:04 PM, crossed Pemberton square growing to a width of more than four football fields at one point before lifting back into the air near East Indiana Avenue and Old Highway 27. Many businesses sustained severe damages around Pemberton Square and along Pemberton Road. The second tornado touched down around 5:08 PM near the intersection of Bowmar Avenue and Jeanette Street in Vicksburg and was on the ground for ten minutes crossing the Vicksburg National Military Park before dissipating near Highway 61 and Clifton Drive. Wind speeds in that twister hit 115 mph in a more than 500-foot wide track. A third area tornado touched down just north and east of Vicksburg. The storms were responsible for tearing roofs from houses, damaging businesses, snapping power poles, and toppling trees. Entergy said about 8,000 people lost power because of the damage. Initial surveys show 50 homes, 15 businesses and three public buildings were damaged or destroyed across Warren County.



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