February 2014

Greenville approves new streetlights

The Greenville City Council has approved the installation of up to 50 new street lights to help improve public safety. The police department will be consulted about the best spots for the new lights. They will add an estimated 6-thousand dollars yearly to the city’s electric bill.

Arson suspect arrested

Another suspect has been arrested, as part of Greenville’s crackdown on arson. 23-year-old Kenneth Howard is accused of setting fire to a vehicle on West Union. Authorities believe it was a domestic dispute and that the car belonged to a man who is dating the suspect’s children’s mother. Howard was…

Deadline approaches for magnet school applications

Students who want to apply to Greenville’s first magnet school have until March 6th to apply. Solomon Middle School is being converted into a magnet school, which will open in August. A magnet school offers a more challenging curriculum for ambitious students. Students currently in the 6th to 11th grades…