15-Armed Agents Storm Carrollton Herbal Store

CARROLLTON, MS (Ben Caxton) — A Carrollton herbal remedies store was stormed Tuesday by 15 armed federal agents of the federal Food and Drug Administration. The business, called Humaworm, is located across the street from the Carroll County courthouse. Agents from New Orleans executed a search warrant and confiscated encapsulating machines, herbs, capsules, computers, and records according to owner Dr. Reba Bailey effectively shutting down the business. She said in a Facebook post that she is confident that the probe, which she expects to take as long as six months, will find no wrongdoing.


5 Comments on "15-Armed Agents Storm Carrollton Herbal Store"

  1. Sounds like a big pharma was upset and had the feds try and destroy this legal business.

  2. Sad, how disappointed they will be !

  3. Not clear why it was raided.

  4. Fifteen armed Federal agents? Are you kidding me? Is Humaworm some sort of terrorist group planning to blow up the White House with cloves and wormwood? This is ridiculous. But then, big pharma & the AMA have a long history of crushing any health-related business that interferes with their profits.

  5. Humaworm literally saved my health. This is very disheartening. It’s sad when sickness makes big pharma money and the fda shuts down natural options that work.

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