11-Year-Old Shot in the Face Dies

JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — An 11-year-old girl has died in Jackson after being shot in the face Sunday morning. Police believe Asia Turner found an unsecured firearm inside her house and accidentally shot herself; a parent in the home heard the gunshot and found the child moments later. The girl was taken to a hospital where she died from her injuries. As of Monday, no charges had been filed.



2 Comments on "11-Year-Old Shot in the Face Dies"

  1. Does it really have to say shot in the face?

  2. Damn right. They should have written the medical term. RFDE. Rapid Facial Dislocation Event. What do you want them to write? The child died because she was shot in the foot? The child died because she shot herself in the face with a gun at point blank range. That should bother everyone. Trying to hide it doesn’t make it go away. It’s a newspaper for crying out loud.

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